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Biology Lecture

Mayuri looked up from his desk as the bell rang. Everyone was quiet and settled in. Good. He took role quickly, and stood.

“Good day, class. As you know, we were to do a heart dissection today. Given what happened in the last class, and the… misplacement… of the subject, there has been a slight change of plans.” He went to the cabinet in back of the class and pulled out a large box. Within was a large-scale heart model. He placed it on the front-most desk, picked up a pointer, and started his lecture.

“As you all should know, the heart is a muscle. It’s part of what keeps our weak human bodies alive, along with the other internal organs. It pumps blood all through the body through veins and arteries. Through the veins, blood is carried towards the heart, and the arteries deliver it back into the body. This way, the body is kept oxygenated.”

As he lectured, Mayuri kept an eye out for dozing students. It was not as engaging as a dissection, true, but the brats should stay conscious for this.

“The heart has four chambers, divided into to atriums up top and two ventricles in the bottom. The left side is larger and stronger, as it is in charge of pumping the blood.

“Speaking of strength, in some cultures, it is considered normal, and in fact very wise, to eat the hearts of one’s opponents. The theory is that if the opponent was strong, the consumer will gain the strength of the fallen.”

Mayuri paused. “Any questions thus far?”
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