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[Complete log] Chemistry and Coffee - Ulquiorra, Nemu

Who: Ulquiorra and Kurotsuchi Nemu
Where: Starbucks.
Summary: While Ulquiorra and Nemu are waiting for their coffee, they have time for a little chat.
Notes: Takes place a bit before Ulquiorra got his partner for the project. ^^

The aroma attacks the nose before you even step into the Starbucks near the school. Nemu was in no mood to have that while she was reading her mangas. She decided that the cafe would be a better choice, though she ran the risk of running into her students. What can you do though? Those pests are everywhere

She opened the cafe and saw that it actually wasn't that busy. She smiled to herself and walked over to an open table. She asked the waitress for a cup of dark mountain roast coffee. As the waitress left, she pull out her "book" and started reading.

Unfortunately for Nemu, it was only around five minutes later that a Karakura High School student entered the coffee shop. He, of course, was entirely unaware that his science teacher was here for coffee, and had come only to get a cinnamon dulce latte. True, it might not have been something one would expect Ulquiorra to drink (after all, it was sweet), but he was supremely unconcerned with what anyone thought of him.

It was with some surprise -- surprise that didn't register on his face at all -- that he noticed Nemu seated at a table. To be polite, as he was waiting on the enormously long line, he came up to her table. "Good afternoon, sensei."

Nemu sighed. Why did her days never turn out the way she plans them in the morning? Today was never what you would like it to. She rolled her eyes up slightly to see who it was that had decided that they would like to get a D on the next test.

Standing before her was the young man who was in her class and also was very good as making her content. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad today. This question will decide...

"Hello. What can I help you with?"

Ulquiorra brushed a few strands of black hair away from his dull green eyes before putting pale hands in the pockets of his jeans. "I just thought I ought to say hello while I was waiting for my latte," he informed Nemu. Ulquiorra could be nice, contrary to popular belief. Of course, he reserved this side of him for people who actually deserved it ... and there were very few people who he deemed worthy of his attention.

"If you would prefer, I will leave you to your reading," he said politely and formally. "I do not wish to intrude, of course."

Nemu didn't want to seem like she was engrossed too much into her reading. 1) it would be rude 2) he might tell someone her habits 3) she didn't hate him

She could care less about the first one, but the other two made her put her book down.

"No. Please, sit. I was just waiting for my drink as well." She gave him a soft (hopefully not annoyed) smile. "How are your classes going? Do you have a partner for chemistry yet?"

Ulquiorra certainly was surprised to find that not only did Nemu kindly (or perhaps not so kindly, as was the Kurotsuchi way, it seemed) allow him to stay and speak, but she also chose to invite him to sit with her. That would have been shocking enough for someone who wasn't as difficult to fluster as Ulquiorra.

Without hesitating a moment, Ulquiorra sat in the offered seat, and although he didn't smile in return, he had a feeling Nemu would understand that he appreciated the offer. It wasn't like Ulquiorra smiled, ever. He hadn't smiled in years ... he feared that he might, perhaps, be out of practise.

"Classes are going well," he replied, inclining his head. "But no, I haven't found a decent partner yet. I am searching, though. Have you received any notifications of partnerships, yet?"

"Also," he continued, "I meant to ask you earlier if you have any suggestions for someone I could take as my partner. I believe the majority of the class to be incompetent, sadly, so I would like to hear your opinions on who would be a good student to work with. Or would that be considered an unfair advantage?"

"Unfair advantage? Who cares? People take unfair advantages all of the time. They are nicely called suck ups. As for a partner for suggestion, I currently dont have any, seeing as I'm going to allow the class to have a day or so to choose their partners. I suppose you can either go with Byakuya or maybe even Uruyuu. If you want a leftover, I'm sure that Rukia look-alike, name repeating girl Pyon would do. I'm sure she works decently hard... she's from France."

Ulquiorra frowned in thought, considering the people Nemu was suggesting. Pyon? The girl was annoying ... and therefore a waste of his time. Uryuu? Well, he was rather intelligent, he had to agree. It might also be interesting to see what the younger Ishida would do when he found out that Ryuuken and he were becoming friendly.

Byakuya was probably the best bet, considering that they already had to work together on the basketball team. And, of course, he was very smart. "I suppose Ishida Uryuu or Byakuya would be fairly good partners," he acknowledged. "Thank you very much for the advice."

He spotted the book Nemu had been reading before he'd entered the cafe. "If you don't mind me asking, sensei, what are you looking at?"

Nemu slapped a hand on the book and slid it into her purse. "Dont worry about it. You probably wouldn't be intrested... Or would you?" Nemu squinted her eyes analyzing the boy before her. He hardly seemed the type to appreciate this kind of literature.

Ulquiorra arched an eyebrow almost quizzically. "I cannot say whether I would or not," he replied, brushing dark hair away from his eyes, "if only because I do not know what it is. I am very open-minded with literature, however, and I assume I am interested to see what you enjoy reading. It may end up being something I want to read."

The baristas at the counter were being extraordinarily slow with their coffee; Ulquiorra figured it was because they only had two people working at the moment, but that was no excuse. He had come in a few moments ago, and he was certain Nemu had been there far longer than he had.
Nemu didn't want to press it further, but her curiosity got the best of her. She brought the book back out and nudged it over to him. If he wanted to know, then here we go...

"It's a personal favorite. Please dont bend it back." The lady finally came with her drink and she gave a quick smile and look back at the boy. She didn't want to miss his reaction.

Ulquiorra took the book carefully. He was very respectful with people's property, and was always cautious with it, handling everything like it was made of gold. His dull eyes took in the artwork on the cover, the title, the author -- he hadn't heard of it before, he noted. He turned it over, reading over the back of the book, which was a montage of praise for the book and the writer.

"It appears to be well written, according to the reviews," he acknowledged, then glanced up at her, a gleam of curiosity in his eyes. "What precisely is it about?"

Nemu let a smile grace her face.

"The synopsis is not... work safe." She let it go with that. Her romance novel would probably be work safe as long as she left out... well... the romance part. However, that was the fun part of the story. If you left that art out you might as well make a children's book.

Ulquiorra's own lips twitched slightly as he realised what she meant. Ah, so it was that kind of a novel. Usually, Ulquiorra wouldn't read something like that, but it obviously had to be good if Nemu liked it. After all, she wouldn't tolerate anything of low quality in her class ... why should her taste in literature be any different?

"Perhaps I shall check it out at some point," he mused. "I have been sadly lacking in reading material lately." He was, too. Ulquiorra was a voracious reader, and between his financial issues, basketball, and schoolwork, he hadn't had much time nor resources to find a new book.

Nemu lifted a eyebrow ever so slightly. The kid was actually interested. She nodded towards it, "You can borrow that one. Just make sure to keep the book cover on... and if you happen to get caught with it... it's not mine!"

She was so amused by this situation.

Ulquiorra showed faint surprise at her remark. "Thank you very much, sensei," he said, picking it up before hesitating. "Would you care to finish it before I borrow it? I'm in no rush, of course." Finally, the barista came over with his drink. Ulquiorra thanked her politely, taking the coffee and taking a sip before setting it aside.

"I hardly think anyone will catch me reading this," Ulquiorra said, a faint smile on his face. "Very few people like to come near me, as you may have noticed. I have a feeling that your secret, so to speak, will be safe with me."

Nemu scoffed at the offer to get it from her later. "Trust me, I've finished this one before... many times, which is why I said it's a favorite of mine." She waved at it so that he got the point that he could borrow it immediately.

"Also, I'm not afraid of my secret really getting out. Everyone knows I read. I just dont want people to know I gave it to you so that you can read it." She glanced at the time. She had no where to go really, but she thought that he might to leave and she didn't want to keep him.

Ulquiorra was actually grateful for the gesture, and nodded. "Thank you," he repeated, taking it and putting it in his school bag. "Ah. Yes. You must keep up the appearance of being a cold-hearted, student-hating chemistry teacher." He nodded, to show he understood. "I know the feeling."

He noticed her looking at the time, and suddenly felt as though he was intruding. Perhaps she didn't want him to stay for very long, and that was why she checked the clock? "I'm not intruding upon your time, am I?" he inquired suddenly. "If you have somewhere to go, please, don't let me keep you." Little did he know that Nemu was having the same thoughts.
Nemu shook her head and actually had a face of digust.

"No, I rarely ever have places to go or people to see. I find them rather... troublesome. So I just stay away from them in general. You?"

Ulquiorra frowned slightly. "There are very few people I deem worth my time," he said slowly. "I've been spending a bit of time with Ishida-sensei, but other than that, I hardly see anyone. Grimmjow seems to have disappeared ... and aside from basketball practise, I rarely see anyone outside of school. It truly is my only committment, besides taking care of my finances and my house."

He wondered if Nemu even had to deal with that part, considering many people speculated that she lived with her father. But because Ulquiorra had no parents, he had no such luxury.

Ulquiorra frowned slightly. "There are very few people I deem worth my time," he said slowly. "I've been spending a bit of time with Ishida-sensei, but other than that, I hardly see anyone. Grimmjow seems to have disappeared ... and aside from basketball practise, I rarely see anyone outside of school. It truly is my only committment, besides taking care of my finances and my house."

He wondered if Nemu even had to deal with that part, considering many people speculated that she lived with her father. But because Ulquiorra had no parents, he had no such luxury.

Nemu didn't bother caring about the boy's inablity to have a social life. She didn't have one and she was fine... no use worrying about him. He'll be fine...

Nemu shrugged ever so slightly at the comment about the house. "I do live with my father, but that doesn't mean that I dont have to pay for things. I cook all the food at my house and I pay for the bills. Father gives me some finance, and I take care of the rest."

Nemu picked up her drink and drank from it. "Sorry to hear that you have to carry that burden alone. I would invite you to live at my house, but then there is the bit about your safety that could be in jeopardy."

Ulquiorra nodded. "Of course -- I didn't mean to make it seem like you were living off of your father's money, sensei." He sipped his coffee, then arched both eyebrows at Nemu, looking surprised that she'd even made the gesture of saying that she would have invited him to live with her. That was shocking enough, and a strange expression flitted across his face.

"Thank you for the sentiments, sensei," he responded quietly, his words sincere and heartfelt, a rarity for him. "Is it ... quite difficult, living with your father?" He paused after saying that, realising he was prying. "You needn't answer if you don't wish to. I don't mean to pry."

Nemu smiled and stiffled a laugh. "The danger isn't my father... it's me."

Ulquiorra blinked at her, caught off guard by the comment. "What do you mean by that, Kurotsuchi-sensei, if you don't mind me asking?"

What a bizarre thing to say. But she obviously meant something by it, something that Ulquiorra was rather curious about.

Nemu looked at her coffee. "There is one thing I love more than teaching..." She paused. "There are a lot of things I love more than teaching, but only one thing I love more than my novels..."

She looked up at him with eyes at shined, "Experimenting~" She said it with such lust and happiness, there was almost a tear in her eyes.

He frowned slightly, taking this bit of information in. Well ... that wasn't much of a surprise, really, that a chemistry teacher of all things would enjoy experimenting. But ... the way she said she was dangerous ... why?

"What do you experiment with?" He asked curiously.

Nemu smile grew pretty wide. "Everything..."

She let that bit of information sink in. If he didn't have seconds thoughts about sitting with her now, she would go home a not read her books for one day. Any more than that would be inhumane.

Ulquiorra's face didn't not change in the least bit. However, his mind was whirling. Experimenting with everything? "Even humans?" he inquired, an eyebrow arched.

"What are these experiments of yours for, mainly?" He wasn't concerned, nor disgusted, nor frightened by this bit of information. Rather, he was just curiously detached.

Nemu's smile came back. "Why the suddent interest? Would you like to help me conduct them? Or better, be a part of one?"

"I mean, I wouldn't expermient on you. I dont hate you.... but yes, ocassionally, my hands slip and the information I get is invaluable. Remember the incident at school with the chemical spill?"

Ulquiorra shrugged. "What sort of part would you want me to play, and in what sort of experiment?" he asked. He wasn't really sure why he was asking so much -- he was interested, yes, but he might also be digging himself into a hole. What if this experiment was dangerous?

Well, it wasn't like Ulquiorra had much to lose, anyway. "Yes, I do remember that. Why?"

"Well, that information was invaluable. I hated that I had to be a part of it, but well, what can I say? One must sacrifice once in a while. So it will be a while til I put myself to the test again." She shuddered in remembering the caziness... cookies

Nemu brushed off his offer. "I kid about having you in an experiment. The only ones that I conduct are the kind that no one has any idea that they are being anaylzed... or else the info will be skewed."

He was actually intrigued by the experiment Nemu was talking about. Yes, he certainly did remember it, but ... "What did that experiment show you?" he inquired quizzically. Ulquiorra had been lucky -- he had been ill that week and thus had not been affected. But he'd certainly heard about it from dozens of people.

He nodded slowly. "I see," he said, pondering this tidbit of information. "Do you often conduct such experiments?"

"First and foremost, it showed me the most amusing side of people. Unlike most of my experiments, this one was not so much research worthy, as it was black mail worthy. But as I said, I was a part of it too, so it didn't work out perfectly. My father also trashed all of the info on it so I have no idea how to make more. It's also possible that even if I could make it everyone may be immune to it."

Nemu brought out a note from her bag that reminded her to go pick up somthing from the grocery store. She took it in for a minute, then answered his other question. "No I don't get to because the funds just aren't there."

Nemu brought out some money and placed it on the table. "I would love to stay and chat some more, but I just rememberd that I have to buy chives and chicken for tonight's dinner."

That was a worthy experiment, then, in Ulquiorra's mind. Blackmail information was always good, and it appeared that the chemistry teacher had gotten quite a bit of it. "I should say I'm lucky, then," he said, a faint smile curling at the corners of his thin lips, "lucky that you have no such information on me, that is. I would dearly hate to be on your bad side, sensei."

He glanced up as she spoke again. "It's fine," Ulquiorra replied. "It was nice talking with you, Kurotsuchi-sensei." And it had been nice. He hadn't felt this comfortable talking to someone for a while, aside from Ishida-sensei, and it was a nice feeling to know that he could talk to a teacher who everyone seemed to think was cruel and cold-hearted. In a way, he was reminded strongly of himself whenever he spoke to her.

Nemu was about to leave when she suddeny asked, "Do you eat properly? I mean, you live by yourself.. you dont hav TV dinners and cup ramen every night right?"

Ulquiorra glanced at her, a slightly bemused frown on his pale face. "Er ... well, most nights," he said, a bit uncomfortably. "I ... don't find myself to be a particularly good cook. I usually eat premade foods, or take-out, when I have the money."

It was a strange question for her to ask, in his opinion. Honestly, why would anyone care what he ate?

Nemu let out a very slow sigh, debating whether she should say what she was going to say.

Might as well!

"If you ever notice that you need to get some decent food in your body, you may come over." She grabbed a piece of napkin and wrote down the address. "My father comes home pretty late sometimes, and I always make extra food. Just dont make a habit of coming over and always call first!"

Ulquiorra sat there, staring at her in obvious, undisguised astonishment. Had she ... actually invited him to eat with her sometime? Not only was that shocking because Ulquiorra was unused to such invitations, but it was also Kurotsuchi Nemu, who despised everyone. Apparently, that statement did not hold quite true.

"Thank you very much, sensei," he said quietly, taking the profferred napkin. "I very much appreciate your offer. Perhaps I shall take you up on it sometime. If you don't mind, that is." He stood. "I ought to let you go shopping, however ... thank you for everything, Kurotsuchi-sensei. I will return your book as soon as I've finished with it."

"Of course I dont mind." She gave a strange look. "If I did I wouldn't have gave you the offer." She made sure she didn't leave anything and took one last look at her book, silently saying good by bye to it.

"I'll see you in class. Be sure to have a partner!"

Ulquiorra nodded, thanking her again. He picked up his own cup of coffee, staring at it as though it held all the answers to the world. A smile tugged at his lips.

"See you in class, sensei," he murmured in return, and clutched the napkin in his fist as though it was the most valuable thing in the world.

Things were certainly starting to get interesting around here ... and Ulquiorra didn't seem to mind it one bit.
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