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Karakura High School

The AU Bleach RPG

Karakura High

Welcome back, students and staff! While summer has passed, we here at Karakura High hope that each and every one of you is prepped and ready for a brand new year! There's tons of things planned, so keep an eye out for announcements over the P.A. from our very own DJ KON.

Have a great year!



September 30th, 2007

Hi im the new Moderator and have just taken over the community from Susako and hope that we will all have a Great new Semester at Karakura High School! Have Fun!

June 24th, 2007

(no subject)

This community is now CLOSED.

Thank you all very much for playing.

If you are interested in taking over this community please let susako know at darkstarcalling [at] hotmail [dawt] com

March 17th, 2007

Nobody wants to feel alone
And everybody wants to love someone
Out of the tree go pick a plum
Why can't we all just get along?

The hall was moderately full with people in strange costumes: suits, flamboyant or otherwise. Was that a rustling skirt that just went by? Nobody knew. The place itself had been decorated with dim lighting that only seemed to confuse identities even further.

Refreshments (spiked and unspiked) lined one wall. Music filled the space with a strange pulsing beat that seemed to go right to your head and your heart.

The only thing that was certain here was that nothing was what it seemed.

March 10th, 2007

Who: Ayasegawa Yumichika, Arisawa Tatsuki, and anyone else who wants to join.
When: After Tatsuki gets out of water polo practice.
Where: School gate, then local cafe.

Yumichika wondered if spending time in Zaraki's squad automatically made one a masochist.Collapse )

March 9th, 2007

Ukitake was quite punctual most of the time, and got into his little Honda civic, pearly white in color, at quarter to 11 o' clock to go pick up his date.

His trunk held the picnic basket, which was packed with handmade sandwiches, cookies, chocolates, soup in a thermos, silverware for two, plates and bowls for two, tea also in a thermos, and tea cups for two. The blanket was folded neatly at the top, and he put ice packs around the things that needed to stay cool, just in case. It was in the trunk to make sure that Unohana didn't catch sight of it-- or it wouldn't be a surprise anymore!

It was a nice Spring day out, and he was glad for it. He had planned it for the weekend according to the weatherman's report, but whoever trusted him? He passed the park that he planned on taking Unohana to, and it was thankfully empty. He tried to come during the weekdays sometimes to read, and there must've been something in the air that drove children crazy, and they were positively obnoxious.

His random thoughts occupied him, and unfortunately, almost made him miss the turn he needed to take to pull into the parking lot. A few minutes later and he was at her door, straightening his light blue dress shirt out and shaking a leg to dislodge a fold in his khaki slacks. He knocked on the door, smiling, and waited, a small bunch of daisies, daffodils, and some purple irises in hand, and an inconspicuous handkerchief in his pocket.

March 7th, 2007

Oh, that crazy, crazy school board. Where did they get their ideas from?

It seemed that overnight, when people weren't looking, somebody had taken the trouble to post up a notice in the most prominent place of the board. It was designed to be eye-catching, and eye-catching it was indeed. Karakura High School was never a school to pass up socialising of any kind, and running on a high from their latest victory over rival Konoha High School, the Powers That Be had decreed that there would be another social event.


There will be a school dance on the 16th of March to celebrate our latest winning streak and everything that is wonderful about Karakura High School!

The theme of this dance is ROLE REVERSAL.

Refreshments will be provided. Join in, buy a ticket, take a date or go solo... It's all in a good cause! Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards more educational equipment.

Hope to see you all there!

Now in fact there were several things that the sign did not mention. Role Reversal could in fact be a very polite way of saying Cross-Dressing. The girl in the drawing that accompanied the picture was wearing a suit. The boy in the picture was wearing a slightly more colourful suit than usual. Unfortunately, a joker of some kind had pasted a picture of a dress over the male and written various unkind words.

Who came up with this kind of thing, anyway?

OOC:Collapse )

March 6th, 2007

Mayuri looked up from his desk as the bell rang. Everyone was quiet and settled in. Good. He took role quickly, and stood.

“Good day, class. As you know, we were to do a heart dissection today. Given what happened in the last class, and the… misplacement… of the subject, there has been a slight change of plans.” He went to the cabinet in back of the class and pulled out a large box. Within was a large-scale heart model. He placed it on the front-most desk, picked up a pointer, and started his lecture.

“As you all should know, the heart is a muscle. It’s part of what keeps our weak human bodies alive, along with the other internal organs. It pumps blood all through the body through veins and arteries. Through the veins, blood is carried towards the heart, and the arteries deliver it back into the body. This way, the body is kept oxygenated.”

As he lectured, Mayuri kept an eye out for dozing students. It was not as engaging as a dissection, true, but the brats should stay conscious for this.

“The heart has four chambers, divided into to atriums up top and two ventricles in the bottom. The left side is larger and stronger, as it is in charge of pumping the blood.

“Speaking of strength, in some cultures, it is considered normal, and in fact very wise, to eat the hearts of one’s opponents. The theory is that if the opponent was strong, the consumer will gain the strength of the fallen.”

Mayuri paused. “Any questions thus far?”

March 4th, 2007

Who: Ryuuken, Ulquiorra
Where: School, Ulquiorra's apartment
Summary: Tension builds between two very likely people.

March 3rd, 2007

Who: Ryuuken, Mayuri

Where: School (Biology classroom)

Summary: Ryuuken and Mayuri have a quick chat on professionalism in the Biology lab. Double entendres ahoy!


February 26th, 2007

Who: Ulquiorra and Kurotsuchi Nemu
Where: Starbucks.
Summary: While Ulquiorra and Nemu are waiting for their coffee, they have time for a little chat.
Notes: Takes place a bit before Ulquiorra got his partner for the project. ^^

Things were certainly starting to get interesting around here...Collapse )

February 21st, 2007

Who: Yumichika and Yachiru
Where: By the Karakura post office
Notes: This game is rated E for Everyone Rated G.
Continued from Yachiru's surprise birthday bash post.

As fun as teasing Zaraki Kenpachi was, the riot of pink and purple really was starting to make Yumichika feel sick.Collapse )

Who: Aichi Shirosaki vs. Ichigo Kurosaki
Where: A storage warehouse a few blocks from the school.
When: 2/21/07 - 3:00 PM
Warnings: Graphic violence, I'll bet.  Probably lots of cursing.

Aichi hated sunlight more than anything else.  And he hated a lot of things.   Head bowed and covered by the hood of his sweatshirt, he trudged across the parking lot, cigarette pressed thin between his lips.  Excitement bubbled through his veins, prevalent in every jerky step he took.  He hadn't even finished his first week and already, three people were out for his blood, which he was all too willing to give.  For people such as Aichi, fighting wasn't a way to resolve conflict or claim honour.  Fighting was simply a way of life, a hobby to pass the time, as exhilarating and worthy as a game in any sport.  He almost felt bad for the boy he was going to fight.  What did he have to prove?  And why did Kurosaki have to prove it through him?

Kurosaki had no idea where he was going with his life or what he was doing, what he was looking for.  Aichi smirked, entering the shadowed building.  He would be glad to give the kid some direction.

He breathed a sigh of relief that echoed throughout the spacious warehouse, joined by the tapping of his boots against concrete.  With relish, he tugged off his hoodie, the shirt beneath reading the name of some band or another, unidentifiable behind the stains and fading.  He staunchly refused to wear the sunblock prescribed by the doctor he had seen so long ago; in fact, he staunchly refused to take any of the medication offered.  Which was probably why he was in his current situation.

"Kurosaaaaki!" Aichi cried out from around his cigarette, exhaling a coil of smoke. "COME OUT AND PLAY-E-AY."

[OOC: Warriors reference for my girl Destini.]

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