MOD SOULS of Karakura High (khs_modsouls) wrote in karakura_hs,
MOD SOULS of Karakura High

[Open to all] [The Role-Reversal Dance]

Nobody wants to feel alone
And everybody wants to love someone
Out of the tree go pick a plum
Why can't we all just get along?

The hall was moderately full with people in strange costumes: suits, flamboyant or otherwise. Was that a rustling skirt that just went by? Nobody knew. The place itself had been decorated with dim lighting that only seemed to confuse identities even further.

Refreshments (spiked and unspiked) lined one wall. Music filled the space with a strange pulsing beat that seemed to go right to your head and your heart.

The only thing that was certain here was that nothing was what it seemed.
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