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[OPEN TO: Ukitake & Unohana, perhaps a student passerby] A Subtle Lunch

Ukitake was quite punctual most of the time, and got into his little Honda civic, pearly white in color, at quarter to 11 o' clock to go pick up his date.

His trunk held the picnic basket, which was packed with handmade sandwiches, cookies, chocolates, soup in a thermos, silverware for two, plates and bowls for two, tea also in a thermos, and tea cups for two. The blanket was folded neatly at the top, and he put ice packs around the things that needed to stay cool, just in case. It was in the trunk to make sure that Unohana didn't catch sight of it-- or it wouldn't be a surprise anymore!

It was a nice Spring day out, and he was glad for it. He had planned it for the weekend according to the weatherman's report, but whoever trusted him? He passed the park that he planned on taking Unohana to, and it was thankfully empty. He tried to come during the weekdays sometimes to read, and there must've been something in the air that drove children crazy, and they were positively obnoxious.

His random thoughts occupied him, and unfortunately, almost made him miss the turn he needed to take to pull into the parking lot. A few minutes later and he was at her door, straightening his light blue dress shirt out and shaking a leg to dislodge a fold in his khaki slacks. He knocked on the door, smiling, and waited, a small bunch of daisies, daffodils, and some purple irises in hand, and an inconspicuous handkerchief in his pocket.
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