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MOD SOULS of Karakura High

The Ever-Lovable Notice Board.

Oh, that crazy, crazy school board. Where did they get their ideas from?

It seemed that overnight, when people weren't looking, somebody had taken the trouble to post up a notice in the most prominent place of the board. It was designed to be eye-catching, and eye-catching it was indeed. Karakura High School was never a school to pass up socialising of any kind, and running on a high from their latest victory over rival Konoha High School, the Powers That Be had decreed that there would be another social event.


There will be a school dance on the 16th of March to celebrate our latest winning streak and everything that is wonderful about Karakura High School!

The theme of this dance is ROLE REVERSAL.

Refreshments will be provided. Join in, buy a ticket, take a date or go solo... It's all in a good cause! Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards more educational equipment.

Hope to see you all there!

Now in fact there were several things that the sign did not mention. Role Reversal could in fact be a very polite way of saying Cross-Dressing. The girl in the drawing that accompanied the picture was wearing a suit. The boy in the picture was wearing a slightly more colourful suit than usual. Unfortunately, a joker of some kind had pasted a picture of a dress over the male and written various unkind words.

Who came up with this kind of thing, anyway?

Is everybody ok with this date? Let me know and I'll change it so that most people can take part.

For those who aren't familiar with how this works, on the day the dance starts, there will be one main post in the community open to everybody. A massive school-wide log like this usually spans a day or two and lots of crazy stuff can happen.

I figured we needed something like this, since we're all awesome at interacting in pairs and posting journal entries, but we haven't had a massive event for all of us sine the game was revived. It might be a good chance for us all to get some plot and different interactions going. ♥
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