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[Open Log] Ryuuken, Mayuri - An Unprecedented Check-Up

Who: Ryuuken, Mayuri

Where: School (Biology classroom)

Summary: Ryuuken and Mayuri have a quick chat on professionalism in the Biology lab. Double entendres ahoy!


The bell had finally rung, Ryuuken looking up from his work with a sigh. Well, it was time to go check with Mayuri and see just what was going on in his classes. Students, surely, needed more discipline at this school. He walked with speed down the hallway after making sure his office door was locked (like usual, couldn't have nosy brats peeking in on his research and other such things). When he finally arrived at the classroom he had been headed for, Ryuuken leaned against the door frame, the door open and revealing his presence to the man behind the Biology desk. "Looks like you've been having a spot of trouble. Or so I heard." He smirked.


Mayuri looked up from his papers. He raised his eyebrow slightly at Ryuuken's words. "Greetings, Dr. Ishida. I take it you mean the boy with the scalpel cut? Yes, an unfortunate accident." Of course, the incident had been swiftly dealt with; the boy, Ulquiorra, got treatment, the lab area cleaned and disinfected, and the scalpel-wielder, well... they would not be happy tomorrow.

"I take it the boy will not die of blood-loss, Doctor?" He smirked slightly at the absurdity. Then he shrugged, and turned back to his papers. "Anything else?"


Ryuuken dusted off his prim shirt and continued smirking. "Well, of course not, what kind of doctor would I be if I let my patients die? Actually, it would seem I have another appointment with the poor boy that was injured tomorrow afternoon. So, I just came by to make sure you can handle the next class. Don't want to have a repeat of the accident last period, you know?"


Mayuri snorted. "If they choose to impale themselves on scalpels, there is nothing I can do. Otherwise, I'm quite capable of handling these children. But,” he looked thoughtful, "are you worried about your capability? Your ability to... perform? Don't want to get too overloaded?”


The other man scoffed. "That's absurd, Mayuri, absurd. I probably perform better than you ... and in many fields, if I might add." There was a definite smirk to his face as he stared the teacher down. "Just make sure you control those students, won't you? Or I might have to discipline them myself. And lord knows they might not enjoy that too much."


Mayuri rested his hand on his chin. "Whereas, you might it enjoy that bit too much, hm?" He then looked pointedly at the clock and rose from his chair. "If you'll excuse me, Doctor; some of us have classes to teach." Speaking of punishment, he had to think of a good way to discipline Ms. Inoue. Really, waving a scalpel around like that!


"Well, I might," stated Ryuuken slyly, pushing off from the door frame. "And ... fine. I suppose I should be going, make sure no one has died in my absence." He turned promptly on his heel and headed back out into the halls where he started for his office once more. He stopped, paused, and then decided to grab a quick coffee break in the teacher's lounge, swerving to go in the opposite direction with a slow, steady pace to get him there.

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